• confession - 2011-04-05




    we all have past
    we let the past go
    we hope the past understand
    what we have for each other is what the past made us
    no shame or hate for the past
    only love and passion for now
    hopefully be happily ever after

  • in the middle of some day
    i packed towl and sunscreen
    about to go the beach
    cross the crowded two oneway streets
    there it is the boardwalk
    and the beach
    i can't walk bare feet on heated sands
    but the flip-flop is even harder to balance
    we never have beach at home
    i was so awkward

    i actually don't want to go into the ocean
    because i don't know how to swim
    i just want to lie on the beach with someone
    let myself exposed to the sun all over

    the beach is crowded too
    but there's always an area left there for everyone
    my sunscreen is very sticky
    i always got sands stick on me
    i try to get used to it
    but i never did

    the contact with the ocean is unspeakable
    at first i dare not to go further
    then just let the tide spank on me
    it hurts and makes me hard to stand still
    later on
    they tell me if you go into it
    you will feel ease flowing with the waves
    so i grab their hands
    left only my head above the water level
    here comes the waves!
    if you don't move at all you will be knocked down
    the trick is when the wave come, you jump with and through it
    it's like you are a part of the wave
    you are a part of the Atlantic

    i had this beach 100 steps away
    but i didn't go there everyday
    if i have a beach here now
    no matter how many steps away
    i am gonna be there

    i know you must like it
    if we can lying on the beach
    have some nonsense talk
    or serious talk if you want
    or not talking at all
    and we go into the ocean together
    holding hands
    jumping in and through the waves
    be careful not to let one falls

    (writing is relieving, even though i shouldn't call this "writing" at all. whining and mumbling maybe.)

  • 原来我的小宇宙是那么经不起碰撞的

    i mean, i can be so easily manipulated.
    luckily i still have consciousness.

    either smash me hard or leave me alone